As a volunteer, you will help elementary and middle school youth with homework, read story books, play dodge ball and soccer, lose horribly at foosball but win at pool, paint pictures of flowers and dinosaurs, talk about friendship and honesty, and help our youth reach for their dreams.  By building relationships and serving as role models, you can empower youth to take responsibility for and pursue their personal and academic goals and view higher education as accessible to those who desire and work hard for it.


We offer a variety of internships that coincide with the University’s quarter system.  An internship incorporates your academic interests to create a positive hands-on learning experience.  One area is Youth Development.  This is optimal for those who would like to expand their leadership skills and engage with kids in different program areas.  Administrative Internships are available for those who seek experience in areas such as advertising/ marketing, outreach, public relations, event planning and management. 

Service Project

If your organization would like to volunteer together for a day, consider doing a service project.  In the past, groups have helped beautify the building, put on special events, and come to the Club to spend time with the kids.

How to Get Involved

You can print out a volunteer application online and turn it into the Club, or stop by the Club and fill out an application there! Under 18? Fill out a membership form and mark that you are interested in volunteering. 


Questions? Call (541) 345-9939.