Kassey Mosher

Kassey Mosher (pronounced Casey) is the Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Emerald Valley. Kassey joined the Club after serving as the Director of Philanthropy at the Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation. Kassey's professional career has been dedicated to the nonprofit field for more than 20 years and she has a special passion for working with youth organizations.  Kassey is excited to bring her unique talents, extensive experience, and strong local ties to the Club and focusing on providing a sustainable Club environment for youth in our community.  Kassey also worked in resource development for Holt International and the American Cancer Society.

In April 2012, Kassey married Paul Mosher and they created a family with five children: Jon is a recent graduate of Western Oregon University; Lynlee is a studying at Western Oregon University studying Communication; Blake, is studying Anthropology at Western Oregon University; Austin is currently in high school; and Mikaela, the youngest, attends elementary school.

Outside of the office Kassey enjoys reading, photography, interior design, volunteering in the community, traveling abroad and spending time with her family. She looks forward to visiting Vietnam and Cambodia in the near future sharing her favorite international destination with Paul.

Kassey would love to meet with you and share the wonderful, life changing work we do here at the Club; please give her a call to arrange a tour of the Club and personal meeting. Kassey can be reached via email at or by phone at 541.345.9939 (club) or 541.554.7213 (cell).


  Tanner Layton


Tanner is a talented youth professional who brings enthusiasm, knowledge and energy to our Club.   He grew up in Oakridge, Oregon, and has lead as well as participated in many youth development organizations and activities throughout his life. 

Tanner enjoys outdoor recreation; including being a snowboard instructor for three years, he loves to run and has started a running club for our members. He has wrestled his entire life, starting at the young age of six.  He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother.  He has also lived in Pleasant Hill as well as Portland and Tigard area. 

If you would like a tour of the club or have any question about the Club; please give Tanner a call at 541-345-9939 or email him at or


Administrative Staff:

Karen White, Office Manager

Kellie Burch, Administrative Assistant

Sarah Ritz, Membership Services/ Receptionist



Teen & Tween Center

Luke Christiani, Teen & Tween Youth Development Supervisor

Travis Bilyeu, Youth Development Staff




Robin Nelson, Technology Supervisor


Elementary Center

Mckenzie Fletcher, Youth Development Staff

Sabrina Jimenez, Youth Development Staff

Betty Martin-Petti, Youth Development Staff

Megan Mortimer-Lamb, Youth Development Staff

Charlotte McKernan, Youth Development Staff

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Jill Drummond, Youth Development Staff

Mitch Albertson, Youth Development Staff

Scott Carney, Youth Development Staff

Bree Layton, Youth Development Staff

Pat Petti, Youth Development Staff



Nutrition Staff

Christina Flanagan, Nutrition Specialist

Jennifer Smith, Nutrition Assistant